Every year, the association organises two events: a picnic in June and in January the traditional Galette des rois. These events bring students and families together and anyone else who is interested in the activities of the association.



The next picnic is scheduled on the Sunday 12 June 2016 at La Chantrerie. Bring your picnic and if possible, a dish to share.

Galette des rois

Each student can bring if possible a specialty from his or her country and each family is asked to bring a cake and a drink. Everyone is free to suggest games to play, music to play and of course dances!

Students are welcome to come even if their family is unavailable, and vice versa, families can come even if their student can’t.

Venue to be confirmed: Chemin de Launay Violette, Nantes. (Tram/bus stop Bourgeonnière)