Both students and families share their thoughts about friendliness in the exchanges : sharing about culture, language and way more!


Manoj (India)

I feel very fortunate to have a French family. If I know the French culture so well, I only have my  French family to thank. The food, the fashion, the hospitality, the French accent …

I had the opportunity to meet other families, we traveled to other cities, tasted their food, I cooked for them, shared my views. It was a fantastic experience for me. They also celebrated my birthday, I’ll never forget that.

Ketan (India)

My French family is very nice. I thank them because now I understand properly understand French families, French culture, French cuisine, the French celebrations. I also thank ENEM for helping me, and helping me to improve my French.

During these 2 years, ENEM organised many events, where I met many new people from different cultures. Now my French family is like my proper family in India.

Luis Felipe (Colombia)

The approach to the French culture with a family (celebrations, recreations like hiking / food / aperitifs, food, etc.), is a real asset for us who spend most of our time with foreigners. It gives us a strong openness to new experiences that we hadn’t contemplated before going abroad.

The opening of a social network with families, students, and others with whom we can find friendships. The working knowledge of the French language, which is important for a foreigner in order to cope well in everyday life.